Warranty Information

One of the greatest advantages of buying a new home are the warranties provided by the builder. In addition to manufacturer warranties.

Rockhaven Homes provides our customers with a one year builder warranty as outlined in the Greater Atlanta Homeowners Handbook which you will receive at closing.  During your second year of home ownership, coverage is provided for the workability of plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other mechanical systems.

In addition, Rockhaven Homes also employs a company on your behalf, New Homes Warranty Management, to coordinate and facilitate all warranty requests received.  This means our customers can be confident that Rockhaven Homes is going the extra mile to ensure all your requests are being handled in a timely and efficient manner.

Lastly, Rockhaven Homes also provides for their customers a 2-10 Home Warranty that provides a 10-year warranty on any structural defects.

New Home Warranty Management®

2-10 Home Warranty

Rockhaven Homes purchases a 10-year structural insured warranty from Homebuilder’s Warranty Corporation,