Buying a Home with Rockhaven

With decades of real estate development and homebuilding experience, Rockhaven Homes has been afforded the opportunity to build where our passion is — throughout Metro Atlanta. “We understand the importance of location for our customers”, explains Christopher Harris, CEO of Rockhaven Homes. “We are proud to be part of many growing communities throughout Georgia.”

Known for their sought-after locations, Rockhaven is committed to providing their customers with incomparable consistency, dedication and quality in every aspect of the home building process to ensure complete buyer satisfaction.

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Rockhaven Homes values a personal approach, offering one-on-one guidance throughout the entire building process.

“Every time we build a new home, we keep in mind that the homes we create will become an extension of the people that live in them,” notes Harris. Rockhaven is not your typical new home experience. They do not follow the traditional “cookie cutter” approach. Instead, the Rockhaven team takes pride in constructing each new home individually — brick by brick.

“We know that a home isn’t just a house, it’s our customer’s biggest investment,” says Nathan Crowder, Vice President of Operations. “We treat each buyer and our relationship with them with the highest priority and feel privileged to be a part of their new home experience. Our goal isn’t just about building homes, but rather, creating lasting value.”



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