Using Extra Bedrooms; Offices, Study Rooms, and Quiet Spaces

A home office in a Rockhaven Home

Working from home, learning from home, or just spending more time at home recently may have shown you the importance of having extra space for focus. Finding a home with an extra bedroom is the perfect way to create a focus space without compromising your flexibility further down the line. A bedroom can easily be converted back to its original purpose if the need arises. In the meantime, it’s a great place for quiet concentration. Read on to learn how you can use your extra bedroom as an office space in a Rockhaven Home.

creating a bedroom home office

Creating a Home Office

Using an extra bedroom as a home office is simple. Really, you’ll just want office furniture to suit your needs. A desk and chair, of course, but maybe bookshelves and other storage for papers and electronics. Another consideration may be some rest space – like a small sofa or couch to relax on for a break, eliminating the chance of leaving the room and getting distracted by other things in your home. Plan ahead and this could become one of your favorite spaces!

A Virtual Learning Space

Creating a virtual learning space is another interesting, but fun project. Here a desk and chair are a necessity – but the question of storage and comfort are a little more important to consider. Do you want this to be a multipurpose room, with school items like posterboard, scissors, rulers, protractors, etc. ready at hand? Or, is it a space for narrow focus on the screen? Set up this room for the effect you’re looking for, and be deliberate about what goes into it.

a quiet bedroom office space

Creating a Quiet Oasis

Getting stir-crazy is no fun in a full house, so a separate quiet space may be just what everyone needs. Comfortable furniture and an adjustable lamp create a calm atmosphere that anyone can tweak to their needs. No need for a television or stereo in here, make it a headphones-only room where anyone can go to relax anytime. A table for projects can be a great addition if anyone needs a quiet place to spread out and get something done without distraction, be it a craft project or homework.

a bedroom space in a rockhaven home

Create the Perfect Space in a Rockhaven Home

No matter what kind of space you’re looking to create, Rockhaven has homes with more than enough room for your ideas. Discover the flexibility and value in a Rockhaven Home, take a look at our communities across Atlanta.

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