What to do When You’re Spending Time Inside

You may find yourself with a little too much free time right now, that’s why we’ve come up with some fun and productive things to do in your home while you’re spending your time inside. Whether you are looking for new home inspiration or improving your existing home, we have some fun projects for your family. Or, if you’re looking to purchase a new home of your own, take a look at our communities here and discover the virtual touring options on offer.

Spend time inside rearranging furniture

Rearranging Your Space

Just because you aren’t in the market for a new sofa or bedroom set, doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your current decor. Changing the layout of your furniture is a quick fix that can transform your current space. Move your bed to a new wall, switch lamps or a carpet from a different room, or simply move around some of your wall hangings. These quick, simple changes can make a world of difference and make you feel like you have a new home all over again.

Cleaning & Organizing

There is no better time for spring cleaning than now! When you’re feeling bored at home, try tackling a few of these tips:

  • Clean all your vents and baseboards – with allergy season in full force, the dust that accumulates around your house is more noticeable than ever. When cleaning these areas, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a dust brush or a microfiber towel. Using water and cleaning products often smears the dust, instead of picking it up.
  • Although you may vacuum and sweep on a regular basis, when was the last time you moved your bed or the couch to clean underneath? Probably a little longer than any of us want to admit. Now is the perfect time to check these areas and clean out any under-the-bed storage, as well.
  • Clean your drawers – We all have that one drawer in our kitchen – often called the junk drawer, that gets a little hard to close at times. Take time to clean out this drawer and reorganize, you may be surprised at what you find!
  • Closet cleanout – Even if you keep your closet in tip-top shape. When was the last time you took everything out and went through it? It’s probably been a while. Take this extra time at home to declutter your closet and throw away or donate the items you don’t use anymore. For more information on having your donations picked up, click here.

After you tackle a few of these tasks, you may not only be feeling better, but breathing better too!

Do a DIY decor project while you're stuck inside

DIY Decor

DIY projects are a classic pastime, and is there a better way of spending your time inside than creating some new decor? Start by thinking about what you need or want in your home. Some examples may be – a better way to organize jewelry, new decor for over the couch, or some extra shelving space in the kitchen. DIY projects are the perfect way to personalize your home with decor you won’t be able to find anywhere else, plus, you get to have fun creating! Check out our pinterest page for inspiration.

Online Homebuying with Rockhaven Homes

If you’re looking to purchase a new home – we’re here to help! We have plenty of videos and 3D virtual tours online to help you get a feel for your new Rockhaven home. If you need help locating the perfect community, check out our website or contact us. We’ve made the online homebuying process simple – click here for more information.

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