Creating Chic Townhome Decor

Decorating a townhome is not as simple as picking out some furniture and a rug and letting everything else sort itself out. You have to be smart about your space, which means you’ll want to be intentional with your decor. Rockhaven Homes showcases gorgeous model homes to inspire homebuyers, and our townhomes are built for chic decor and style. We have a few tips for making the most of your townhome decor, read on to learn how you can create chic townhome decor. Want to see it for yourself? Contact us to set up a tour in the community of your choice.

a geometric rug is fantastic townhome decor

Create an Airy Atmosphere

In any Rockhaven townhome, you’ll find windows for natural light and expansive open-concept spaces. To accentuate your sense of space, we fill our model homes with airy decor to keep a light atmosphere. Bright natural light compliments pastel-colored art, furniture, and decorations throughout. Decorating with delicate and feathery accents allows an already spacious room to flow freely.

natural wood is the perfect focal point

Use Natural Elements

The perfect complement to airy decor is an earthy anchor or two. Elements like naturally-shaped wood tables, raw wood furniture, and even live plants create a focal point. The contrast between light and dark, solid and airy makes for visually stunning spaces that are at once open and inviting, as well as warm and comforting.

bold designs add interest to a space

Pick a Bold Pattern

Finally, we like to use patterns in contrasting shades to draw the eye. A rug with a strong, dark geometric design adds cohesion to a living room. A gorgeous hanging latticework accent is beautiful and captivating on a light-colored wall. Bold stripes or zig-zags on furniture create movement and action in a sitting area. 

Style Comes Standard

Creating a chic townhome space doesn’t have to be daunting, just consider the decor you use. We have plenty of amazing examples in our communities across Atlanta, come by for a look. Find a community you’re interested in and contact us to arrange a tour. You’ll see that in a Rockhaven home, style comes standard.

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