Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

Decor Ideas for Bathroom

When designing a new home, the bathroom is one of the last rooms you may consider to showcase your artistic flair. However, this room deserves some love, too! Make your bathroom more relaxing and stylish through a few simple steps. Whether you’re moving into a new Rockhaven home or want to spice up your current bathroom decor, we have tips to help you transform your bathroom into a spa oasis in no time!

Integrate Fresh, Chic Decor

Fresh decor and houseplants

One of the easiest ways to instantly make your bathroom look chic is to hang up beautiful paintings that make you feel calm and relaxed. Choose whichever artwork brings you joy, but make sure to frame them to protect against moisture! To incorporate greenery, consider putting fresh (or fake) flowers in a unique vase or placing houseplants around the space. Many houseplants love humidity and will thrive in this environment. Other tips include filling glass jars with sugar scrub cubes, stacking luxurious hand towels in wicker baskets, and using elegant glass soap jars instead of plastic ones.

Rockhaven Tip: Eucalyptus provides an effortless, classy look in any room and will make your bathroom more vibrant instantaneously. Place some in a vase on your dual vanities, or hang a bunch from the shower head. In addition to aesthetics, the hot steam will help the eucalyptus naturally release its fresh, calming scent.

Prioritize Self-Care Essentials

Certain houseplants love humidity and will thrive in your bathroom

Rejuvenating your bathroom relies heavily on adding comforting pieces and creating ambiance. Try incorporating self-care essentials like exfoliating scrubs, bath bombs, face masks, and luxury skincare products (be honest, you deserve it) into the bathroom. Candles and essential oil diffusers will make your space smell amazing and feel like a spa. When it comes to scents, your favorites matter the most, but try to stick to scents known for promoting rest and relaxation for the best results.

Rockhaven Tip: If you have sensitive skin, try experimenting with natural products containing plant-based ingredients before moving on to more concentrated ones. Using these products will keep your skin happy and healthy!

Invest in High-Quality Linens

Spa-like bathroom decor to try

Do your research when choosing soft, high-quality linens and towels for your at-home spa. Leaving the warmth of your hot shower or bath is easier when you have a cloud-like towel waiting for you! Towels can also subtly reinforce your color palette, providing pops of color to a white or neutral bathroom.

Rockhaven Tip: Opt for the most absorbent towels. These typically are thicker and heavier towels comprised of 100% cotton. Check out other tips on how to pick the best bath towels.

Create Your Spa Oasis in a New Home

Chic bathroom decor for your new home

We would love to welcome you into a new home so you can make your bathroom decor dreams a reality! Check out our new construction communities around metro Atlanta and current promotions to help you save. Are you ready to take the first step? Call us today to get started!

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