Easy Tips for a More Sustainable Home

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When you think of creating a more sustainable home, installing solar panels, buying an electric car, and other big changes may come to mind. While these are eco-friendly options, there are many easy switches you can implement now that don’t involve huge purchases or upgrades. Try these quick tips for a more sustainable home today and see how you can make your home greener, one step at a time!

Keep Single-Use Products to a Minimum

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Single-use products (especially plastic ones) may be easy and convenient, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for the environment. Here are some reusable switches and alternatives you can try today!

In the Kitchen

Paper towels may be your default for cleaning up spills, but because they can only be used once, they’re not the most sustainable or cost-effective option. We recommend saving paper towels for emergencies and switching to reusable cloth towels.

Minimize single-use plastic in the kitchen by utilizing storage containers for food storage instead of plastic bags and bringing your own reusable tote and produce bags to the grocery store to carry groceries home. Another tip you can implement at the store is to avoid using plastic produce bags for things that don’t need them. This applies to things you’ll peel anyway, such as lemons, limes, and oranges.

In the Laundry Room

Instead of using single-use dryer sheets, switch to reusable dryer balls. These dryer balls are often made of wool and eco-friendly fibers and can last for 1,000 loads of laundry before needing to be replaced. This results in less waste and saves you money in the process! For detergent, we recommend buying in bulk and prioritizing detergents with plant-based ingredients.

In the Bathroom

Do you remember when soap bars were more popular in households than plastic soap containers? It turns out that they’re a much more sustainable option! The next time you’re buying soap, look for soap bars or reusable containers to fill with liquid soap. For shower products, you can also purchase body wash bars and shampoo bars or try buying ones that have containers made of recycled plastic.

Natural is the Way to Go

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Many people try to incorporate more nature into their homes with natural wood, houseplants, and fresh, whole foods, but what about the products you use on a daily basis? Things like cleaners, bath products, and personal care products can contain harmful chemicals. Here are some tips for switching to more natural products in your home that are not only better for the planet but are also better for you, your home, and your pets!

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Household Cleaning Products

When it comes to household cleaning products, prioritize environmentally friendly cleaners with essential oils and natural ingredients for a more sustainable home. We recommend avoiding cleaners that contain ammonia or chlorine. This doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your bleach for tough stain remover sprays – you can always keep them in case of emergency situations. But for daily use, natural ones are the way to go, especially if you have young kids or pets.

Interested in going the DIY route? Check out this helpful article to get you started which features DIY cleaners you can make with ingredients you already have in your pantry!

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Skincare and Personal Care

When was the last time you checked the ingredients on the back of the face wash or moisturizer you were purchasing? Many of these items contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that may irritate your skin. One way to alleviate this problem is to switch to personal care products comprised of mostly natural products. This often results in healthier skin (especially if you have sensitive skin) and a happier planet. Remember to look at the ingredients to know exactly what’s in the product you’re buying.

Smart Thermostats: Good for the Environment and Your Wallet

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As the weather warms up, it’s hard not to blast the AC to stay comfortable. But what about when you’re not at home, and the AC is still running on full blast? This isn’t a problem when you have a smart thermostat! Smart thermostats learn your personal use habits and adjust themselves to maximize energy efficiency and save on costs. Check out Rockhaven’s smart home technology to see all of the smart home features we offer in our communities!

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Every Small Step Counts

At the end of the day, no one can be perfectly sustainable in their home, and that’s okay. What matters most is the small steps you take and your intentionality. Even small things like shopping locally, donating used clothes instead of throwing them away, and using products with natural ingredients make a positive difference.

Try These Tips in Your New Rockhaven Home

If you’re looking to implement these eco-friendly tips in a brand-new home, we would love to welcome you to one of our Rockhaven communities around metro Atlanta. We offer single-family homes and townhomes for various lifestyles and needs and at great prices so you can get the most value out of your new home. Contact an agent today to schedule a tour of our communities!

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