Creating Cozy Living Spaces in Your Rockhaven Home

When it’s time to bring family and friends together, your new home is ready with plenty of room. In your Rockhaven home, you can create cozy living spaces to help foster deep and lasting connections between your guests. We love creating inspiring scenes in our model homes, so today we’re taking you through a few of our favorite tips for making a truly cozy living room in your new Rockhaven home. Still looking for the perfect gathering place for friends and family? Contact us, and we’ll help you find a home to love and share.

An ideal cozy living room

The Ideal Family Living Room

This living room at Keswick Estates in Jonesboro is just the right setup for some quality family time. A cozy sectional means there’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy a movie together, while the armchair next to the fireplace provides a warm, private spot to read a book. Open to the kitchen and dining room, this living room features hardwood floors and alcoves to either side of the fireplace – making it gorgeous and functional.

A living room perfect for conversation

Coffee and Conversation

Nice and snug, this living room at Riverwalk Trace in South Fulton is perfect for quiet conversation over some hot coffee. An armchair to either side of the fireplace creates a comfortable spot for everyone. The sofa further expands the sitting area, and is a great spot to lounge and watch some TV. This open living room also has beautiful light streaming through the windows, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

the living space in kensington gates

Great for Groups

Finally, we have this lovely living room at Kensington Gates in Doraville. Wide and spacious, there is an incredible amount of seating in this room! Opening right onto the kitchen, it’s comfortable and welcoming – this is an ideal living room for a party. Gather your friends and family for board game night, or a cookout on the deck. Kensington Gates truly elevates townhome living, and the living room here is no exception.

Discover Your Perfect Living Room

Comfortable and cozy, spacious and welcoming, you’ll find the ideal living room for your lifestyle in a Rockhaven home. Follow us on Facebook to see more! Or, come visit these beautiful living rooms – contact us and schedule a tour of the community you’re interested in. You’ll see that a Rockhaven home comes with luxury, beauty, and style that fits your life.

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