New Home Decorating for Your Budget

refinished decorating on a budget

Are you feeling at home this spring? A new home in springtime calls for a refresh of your decor – but whether you’ve been moved in for a year, or just a few months, the budget could still be a little tight. It’s perfectly fine! In a home from Rockhaven Homes, you have plenty of built-in style to impress with, and all it takes to elevate that is a bit of ingenuity. Here are our tips for decorating your new home on a budget!

Old-School Standbys for New-School Style

The favorite pastime of budget decorators everywhere is still in style – it always has been! Thrifting is a fantastic way to find pieces for your new home. Antiquing is just as good – and you can find unique accents to fit any look in plenty of antique stores. Of course, you could go thrifting among your own collection too… Finding unique pieces may be as simple as taking a second look at the things you already own, and using them in new ways! Swap the rug you keep in your bedroom for the one in the living room and see how it changes the space, or bring out all the frames, pictures, and canvases in the house for one beautiful accent wall.

DIY decor on the dining room table

DIY of All Kinds

Do-it-yourself is still the king when it comes to budget decorating – and it’s an absolute blast, too! Refinish or repaint tables to match the rest of your decor, build something new with reclaimed materials, or just repurpose the mundane to add a little cottage coziness to your new home. Whatever you can think of, whatever you’re looking for, it’s just a DIY project away! DIY is easier with instructions, of course, so check out our Pinterest!

Find it in Our Design Center

If you’re just now dreaming of a new home in your budget, but haven’t had it built yet – you’re in luck! When you build new with Rockhaven Homes, you can schedule a visit to our Design Center, where you’ll find all kinds of optional accents and finishes for a variety of styles. Here you’ll find designer fixtures, as well as gorgeous countertops, cabinetry options, and more. Only buyers building a new home with Rockhaven Homes can take advantage of the Design Center – so find the neighborhood that’s right for you!

Bring in the Spring with Gorgeous Decor

Decorating your new home doesn’t have to be expensive! With just a little creativity you can have a brand new spring style to impress everyone – all within your budget. Of course, we build our homes to be gorgeous no matter the season. Come see the style waiting in a Rockhaven Homes neighborhood – take a look at all of our communities and come by for a tour!

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